Only 5 homes in Las Colinas in Kenedy, Texas are left!

It's summertime at Las Colinas and with summer comes change. Change for a lot of families who are moving towns and school districts during the 3 month lull in life. We are so excited to welcome many new neighbors into Las Colinas and its only the beginning of June! 

Google Maps hasn't been very cooperative with us to add our street names and addresses, but their aerial view sure does show the progress nicely. Las Colinas has homes! 

Kenedy Texas Homes

5 of our homes are under contract or sold which only leaves 5 left for new buyers in 2016. All of the landscaping, fences, and appliances will be installed before closing, but check out these cute homes ready for a new family! And click here for more details. 

703 cadena kenedy texas home

614 cadena loop kenedy texas home

615 cadena kenedy texas house

612 cadena loop kenedy texas home

507 sendera kenedy tx home



Looking like Home!